Sallie Holley

She Found Her Place Among the Lowly Image: Sallie Holley (left) and her lifetime companion Caroline Putnam Sallie Howland and the Civil War Sallie Holley, abolitionist and educator, spent her entire adult life working to free African Americans from bondage, and then teaching the former slaves how to improve their lives. Early Years Sarah Holley was born February 17, 1818 in Canandaigua, New York. Sallie, as she was called, was one of twelve children born to Myron and Sally House Holley. Her father was a minister and a Canal Commissioner, who worked to create the Erie Canal. His antislavery beliefs greatly influenced Sallie. After her father’s death in 1841, Holley taught school in Rochester for a short time. While visiting…

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December Hiatus

Since the month of December is taken up with holidays and travel, I have decided to go on hiatus for the rest of this month. I won’t be slacking off, however; I will be doing some much needed cleanup and updating on my blogs. Unfortunately, I will also be doing that dreaded activity that constantly tries to lure me away from my writing: HOUSEWORK. I wish you the happiest of holidays, and I hope the gifts you receive are exactly what you wanted. I will be praying for peace on earth for all people – from my fingers to God’s ear. Thank you for reading my blogs, Maggie